Monday, September 2, 2019

My Ocean Escape

What a week was had. 

Highlight, of course, was meeting Lindy from Downunder Dreaming. We quickly discovered we had many things in common and not just a love for being spanked - lol!! We chatted over lunch, more chatting over coffee, even more chatting as we did some retail therapy and, even as we stared out into the ocean, our mouths were still working hard. Poor Bear couldn't get a word in!

Thanks for my lovely gift Lindy. The spatula is especially handy as it has conversion measurements on it. Great for following those US recipes on line. 

I caught up with family along the way, saw some magnificent sunsets and was blessed with incredible weather. Considering the forecast was for heavy rain, wind squalls and temps below 10 degrees Celsius, I couldn't believe my luck when most days were cloudy but clear of the wet stuff. 

These photos were taken along the Great Ocean Road. One of my favourite roads in Australia. It follows the South Western Victorian coastline and is stunning. I managed to capture so much of it as the sun was setting. 
It truly is a magnificent area to visit. 

Travelling this road brought back many memories for me. Back in my younger days it was a regular haunt and a place my, then, spanker and I used to visit. I passed many inlets and towns which evoked lovely spanking memories (and some not so lovely - lol!!) Ahh, those were the days... 

When I find my Mr Spanky, I intend to take him along this beautiful coastline and hopefully we can create a new bunch of memories for us both to treasure.

And, so, now I am back home and back to reality. Clothes to wash, animals to feed, house to clean. But a lovely week was had.

Meeting Lindy was wonderful and a lovely friendship was created. I know we will catch up as often as is possible and continue to deafen Bear with our chatter.  
I am so pleased the hairbrush has come in handy, Lindy (insert evil grin). I had one exactly the same and, until it cracked (literally) on my bottom, it was a fav.  My new one sits in the drawer ready to be christened one day. 

But, until then, you keep swatting away Bear, we both know Lindy needs it!! 


Tuesday, August 27, 2019

And another great sign!

Are these signs, 'signs'? I can only hope 🤣

Monday, August 26, 2019

Driving down the Hume Hwy towards Melbourne and this is the name of a new rest stop along the way.
Hmmm.... Is this a wayside stop for those misbehaving in the car 🤣🤣
What a shame I was all alone....

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Ocean Healing

      I'm so excited!!!

In a week's time I will be meeting a fellow blogger!!

Next Wednesday, all going well, Lindy from Downunder Dreaming and I, will be meeting face to face.

Can't wait!!

Since chatting on Facebook, we've learned we are from the same State and decided it would be fun to meet up.
I'm so looking forward to this trip!

Lindy lives on the coast, only a couple of hours from where I grew up so it will be a great trip down memory lane for me as well.

I love the ocean and miss it so much. Living near the mountains is lovely but nothing beats the stir of the ocean, the smell of the salty air, or the wind as it whips through the hair.

Whilst there I plan to immerse myself in the healing gift of the ocean.

I love the coast in winter. There's something incredibly spiritual about walking in the cold sand, a cloudy sky above and  hardly a soul to disturb the peace.

After catching up with Lindy, my next step is to spend a couple of days with my sister who is also on the coast and then head back to my parent's home to celebrate Father's Day with my wonderful Dad.

This will be a much needed break for me. A chance to unwind, spend some time in thoughtful meditation and be one with the universe. 

And, who knows?
Mr Spanky might just be walking along that very, same beach, communing with nature and looking for his special someone.

One can only hope....

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice explores the world of Domestic Discipline and centres around the N.C.I.S. characters of Jenny Shepard and Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

N.B. These characters are the creation and property of Don Bellisario and CBS. I just like to borrow, play with and torture them before handing them back 😁😜

For those who are interested, I have recently updated this story on

Chapter 28 has been published. Here is the link.

I thought I would also post a small snippet of this chapter below for those of you who may be curious as to the content and/or my writing style.

This scene is a flashback of my own creation set in 1998.

.....Taking a final swallow of her coffee, Jenny extricated herself from Gibbs' arms, put her coffee mug onto the coffee table and made her way to the small bathroom. 

When she emerged ten minutes later, having showered quickly, she took something from her overnight bag and laid it on the bed. Eyeing the object with some apprehension, Jenny wondered if she had done the right thing.

"Too late to back out now," she told herself taking a deep breath.

Hearing the sigh behind him, Gibbs turned around and his eyes widened in surprise. Standing next to the bed was Jenny, completely naked, her skin slightly pink from the heat of the shower and her hair falling loosely over her shoulders, stopping just short of her breasts. 

Feeling himself harden instantly, he rose to his feet and sauntered towards her keeping constant contact with the smouldering green eyes that fixed him seductively.

"I seem to be at a disadvantage," he said thickly upon reaching her. "I appear to be overdressed for the occasion."

"Easy to fix," she replied, lifting her hand and running her fingers over the soft material of his polo shirt.

As he made to unbuckle his belt, Jenny stayed his hands.

"Not yet," she whispered. "I have another surprise for you."

Raising a curious brow, Gibbs waited for her to continue.

"On the bed," she said quietly.

Turning his gaze in the direction her eyes suggested, he immediately eyed the object laid out for him. He looked back at her, confusion evident on his face.

"What's this?" he asked, reaching down a picking up the proffered gift.

"What does it look like?" replied Jenny, a hint of sass in her tone.

"Well…." said Gibbs, deliberately taking his time as he ran his finger and thumb over the smooth surface. "It looks to me like a leather paddle."

Continuing his inspection of the object, Jenny found her breath catching as she watched Gibbs run his fingers over the smooth suppleness of the black leather. She stared transfixed as his thumb traced the fine stitching that edged the rectangular shape and sighed deeply when his fingers and thumb met again on the thick handle that moulded so perfectly into the shape of his closed hand.

He looked up at her and she didn't miss the raw desire in his eyes.

"Where did you get this?" he asked, clearing his throat when the words came out in a hoarse whisper.

"I ordered from a magazine," replied Jenny, not taking her eyes from his.

Despite his curiosity in wanting to know what magazines Jenny had been reading of late, Gibbs pushed the thought aside and focused, instead, on the leather paddle in his hand. It was about three inches wide and twenty-six inches in length, eighteen of that being the actual paddle and the remaining eight inches making up the handle in which, if Gibbs felt correctly, was placed a piece of wood giving the handle some stability. The leather, he estimated to be about a quarter inch thick and, as Gibbs held it up and slapped it gently across the palm of his hand, he noted there was definitely some weight to it.

Not letting the paddle go, he again looked at Jenny.

"Why?" he asked.

Jenny shrugged.

"Why not," she said playfully, raising both eyebrows in unison. "I guess…well…I guess I was curious as to what it would feel like."

"There's only one way to answer that question," replied Gibbs as a wicked gleam sparkled in his eyes.....

Monday, August 12, 2019

Reflective Musings from a Lifelong Spanko

Early Awakenings


A word that evokes feelings of excitement, apprehension, arousal and can send my tummy flipping to it's very core.

From as early as I can remember, I've had a 'thing' for spanking. As a child, without really understanding why, I would be drawn to TV shows and movies where a spanking may be shown or referenced.  It was a confusing time for me as I never really understood my feelings. If I knew a spanking scene was coming up in a movie, I would want to watch it alone always worried that, if witnessed, someone would guess my fascination.  

There was never any desire to want a spanking from my parents but, as a child of the 70s, a swat on the bottom or the legs from a well meaning teacher was common place and I would find myself staring if any classmate ended up on the receiving end of a well aimed smack. As a strong willed child, I, too, often felt the sting of a teacher's hand and, if I'm completely honest, when given from a male teacher, there was a certain internal turmoil that danced around in my tummy when his hand connected with my bottom. So confusing for a child who had no idea why it would illicit such a reaction.

My teen years were spent devouring any historical romance or Mills and Boon in the hopes there may be a spanking scene hidden somewhere within the pages. Please remember, this was the era before internet and so my 'fix' had to come from either books or TV.  By the mid 80s, political correctness  was beginning to rise and spanking scenes were no longer common place in movies or TV shows therefore, I quickly became a fan of 50s, 60s and 70s movies. Most memorable scenes were those from Blue Hawaii, McLintock and Kiss Me Kate, possibly because they were movies often shown on Australian TV during the 80s.

I was in my mid teens when I discovered spanking created a sexual response from me and I have to admit, that confused me even more. Why would something that caused pain, give me such pleasure? Probably a question asked by many a 14 yr old spanko - lol! I actually experienced my first orgasm while reading a spanking scene in a romance book. 

It was around the age of 16 that I really started to provoke spankings from my male friends. I will admit, I was a troubled teen and any attention was still attention. It embarrasses me to remember those days as I was so desperate to be loved, I would brat and push until I got a reaction. Many swats were delivered to my eager backside but I was always left wanting as the spanking was never enough and, by that, I mean on an emotional level. 

Then, into my life came 'S'. I was 17 when I met him and we were close until I moved away at the age of 21. Although we were never 'intimate' as lovers, he fulfilled in me a need for consistency and discipline.  S was a born 'top'. He was dominant, consistent and thorough. He pulled me up every time I crossed a line. He never let me get away with behaviour he felt was unacceptable and would respond with a quick sharp swat or a full blown spanking depending on the circumstances. As we were never intimate, the spankings were always delivered over clothing which may not seem 'real' to some but, to me, they were very real. The thing that often surprised me during this time was not the intensity of the spanking so much as the intensity of the scolding that would accompany it. S showed me that bratting and provoking wasn't the way to win friends and influence people - lol!! He was pivotal in teaching me to respect those around me.

The thing I loved most about S was his consistency. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, chaos ruled my life. Having someone who reacted the same way, every time, was something I had not experienced. As horrible as it sounds I would brat and provoke him just to get a reaction simply because I knew he would react. I tested him at every turn and, each time, he did not disappoint. Looking back, I know how unfair this was on him but, at the time, my selfishness and desire overruled my need to respect him. It's something I regret deeply and, something, many years later, I was able to apologise for.

In hindsight, I can see how much I needed S at the time and what an impact he had on my life. 

For the next 30 years, my experience has been, pardon the pun, very hit and miss. There have been men in my life who have spanked me, both in discipline and in play but there's not been that someone special with whom I could form a strong connection and submit to as his TiH. 

That is where I am today. 
I have taken back my life, rid myself of many demons and am now ready to find that someone special. 

My question to you is... 
1. Did you know from an early age that you had a fascination with spanking and, like me, did you seek it out, generally in a negative form such as bratting and/or annoying behaviour, from those around you before you met your lifelong Mr/Ms Spanky? 
I would be honoured to hear your stories should you be willing to share.

Thanks for reading,
Kanga Jo

Friday, August 9, 2019

Good afternoon Everyone,

Well it's afternoon in Australia, albeit it a freezing, wintry, rainy day! Snow flurries have even been spotted not far from here. ⛄

I would like to say a huge thank you for your warm welcome and lovely comments. I am a complete newbie when it comes to 'blog' writing so bear with me while I get my head around everything.

As I mentioned in my last post, I love writing.

I have been writing Fanfiction for about 5 years now and my stories are centered around the show N.C.I.S. and mainly seasons 3, 4 and 5.

I started out writing a story called Reversed Psychologies which turned into a 4 book epic.

From there I began experimenting with stories based around discipline spankings using the N.C.I.S. characters.

The story I am currently working on is called Fire and Ice and delves into the world of Domestic Discipline using the characters of Jenny and Gibbs. It's currently an on going story which I try to update reasonably regularly, although Baker will disagree 😀

If this is something you'd be interested in having a look at, you can find my profile at

People on there only know me as Mindless Creations (or Maddie) so I'd really appreciate it, should you wish to leave a review, you don't mention my blog name - many thanks.

I understand that Fanfiction isn't everyone's cup of tea but I thought I'd mention it as it would give you an insight into my writing style and, in an indirect way (re Fire and Ice), my experiences and desires with regards to discipline spankings and domestic discipline.

In my next blog post, I would like to explain a little more about me and my experiences in adult discipline spanking.
Hopefully in the next couple of days.

I have really enjoyed reading some of your blogs. Those of you who have a 'Mr Spanky' in your lives are very lucky and one day, I hope to join you in this reality.
But, until then, I shall live out my fantasies and memories in my writing.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Love and hugs
Kanga Jo

My Ocean Escape What a week was had.  Highlight, of course, was meeting Lindy from Downunder Dreaming. We quickly discovered we...