Monday, September 2, 2019

My Ocean Escape

What a week was had. 

Highlight, of course, was meeting Lindy from Downunder Dreaming. We quickly discovered we had many things in common and not just a love for being spanked - lol!! We chatted over lunch, more chatting over coffee, even more chatting as we did some retail therapy and, even as we stared out into the ocean, our mouths were still working hard. Poor Bear couldn't get a word in!

Thanks for my lovely gift Lindy. The spatula is especially handy as it has conversion measurements on it. Great for following those US recipes on line. 

I caught up with family along the way, saw some magnificent sunsets and was blessed with incredible weather. Considering the forecast was for heavy rain, wind squalls and temps below 10 degrees Celsius, I couldn't believe my luck when most days were cloudy but clear of the wet stuff. 

These photos were taken along the Great Ocean Road. One of my favourite roads in Australia. It follows the South Western Victorian coastline and is stunning. I managed to capture so much of it as the sun was setting. 
It truly is a magnificent area to visit. 

Travelling this road brought back many memories for me. Back in my younger days it was a regular haunt and a place my, then, spanker and I used to visit. I passed many inlets and towns which evoked lovely spanking memories (and some not so lovely - lol!!) Ahh, those were the days... 

When I find my Mr Spanky, I intend to take him along this beautiful coastline and hopefully we can create a new bunch of memories for us both to treasure.

And, so, now I am back home and back to reality. Clothes to wash, animals to feed, house to clean. But a lovely week was had.

Meeting Lindy was wonderful and a lovely friendship was created. I know we will catch up as often as is possible and continue to deafen Bear with our chatter.  
I am so pleased the hairbrush has come in handy, Lindy (insert evil grin). I had one exactly the same and, until it cracked (literally) on my bottom, it was a fav.  My new one sits in the drawer ready to be christened one day. 

But, until then, you keep swatting away Bear, we both know Lindy needs it!! 



  1. Hi Kanga-Jo,

    So glad you and Lindy had such a wonderful time together, so happy for you both :) I had to giggle at Lindy's hairbrush story lol.

    Glad you had a wonderful trip overall also visiting family. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pics.


    1. Yes, her blog post made me giggle too!
      It was a lovey trip. Ended all to0 soon.

  2. Hi Kanga Jo,
    Our time together was awesome. Even Bear keeps talking about it, so you made a good impression on him. Its surprising what we have in common, besides the obvious.
    Sorry Mr Spanky wasn't walking one of those beaches you visited. He will come your way soon. Stay positive!
    Hugs Lindy xx
    p.s. Lindy doesn't need swats with the bamboo brush. Lindy is an angel.

    1. Glad it was a good impression - see I told you I'm well behaved!!
      Yes, hopefully he is just lurking around the corner - hairbrush in hand - lol!!
      And Lindy definitely needs many swats - haahaha!!

  3. Those pictures are beautiful, thank-you for transporting me. Meeting blogger friends in real life is awesome.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. Meeting Lindy was definitely a highlight of my trip. Not many of us in Oz.

  4. Kanga Jo,
    I'm so thankful you two have become such good friends. It really is lovely to know that Lindy finally has an Aussie friend to connect with and hopefully you two will be friends for a lifetime. It's also awesome having a new blogger in the land.

    1. Thanks Baker. I'm loving the community. And Lindy is definitely a priceless gem. Love her to bits.
      Hugs, Kanga Jo

  5. Haven't visited in a while as I have been way under the weather. Even now, there are certainly still some showers on my parade.

    So glad I got to read about you and Lindy meeting each other. I have said prayers over the years that somehow, someway she would get to meet a blogger friend. Then you came along! I am so glad for both of you.

    Sending Hugs Down Under,


My Ocean Escape What a week was had.  Highlight, of course, was meeting Lindy from Downunder Dreaming. We quickly discovered we...